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On this page we encourage Wulfe Bros. Fans to e-mail us and tell your Wulfe Bros. stories and information about their concert appearances. If you have a digital camera or can scan your photos, include those. We hope to update this every week or so. E-mail us at

Subject: AWESOME!
From: Dave and Debra Martin
Date: Sat 6/17/2017 6:53 PM

You Guys Are SOOO AWESOME! We saw you at The Indiana Grand and want to see/hear you whenever we can. Please let us know where you're going to be.

Dave and Debra Martin

Subject: Groovin'
From:  Joe Rauh
Date: Fri 7/1/2016 1:46 PM

I saw you guys at the Summit a while back and wondered if you were the same guys at the teen clubs I used to go to. Tosma, Hofa, Groovin. I had a membership card from groovin in a box somewhere I think. I asked one of you and it sounded like a yes. If so could you post some pics from then if you have them. It would bring back a lot of good memories. There is probably a few of us left.  LOL 1968-71 or so.

 Joe Rauh
 St. Matthews


It is the same band but unfortunately we don't have any pictures.  We all have fond memories of those days.

Thanks for your support of The Wulfe Bros. and their music.
Bill Woods
Webmaster for

Subject Ross Country Jamboree Scottsburg, IN
From: Brenda Woods
Date Mon 2/16/2015 10:02 PM

Thanks for a a great show. The music and the jokes, it was all so good.


Subject: Culver Elementary School
From: Kim Morrison
Date: Fri 3/14/2014 9:51 PM

Thanks for a great show.

Subject: Love The Wulfe Brothers
From: Kay Culliton
Date: Mon 8/10/2015 10:16 AM

Sitting here watching my 5 year old grandson dance to your CD.  So funny... Loved seeing them at Bolten Elementary and would like to know their Louisville schedule.  My grandson even knows how to dance the twist and the one where they stop..I don't get them.

Kay Culliton

Subject: Hardinsburg Elementary School
From: Marcus Duke
Date: Thu 12/19/2013 3:03 PM

I am the Public Relations Committee Chair at Hardinsburg Elementary School where the Wulfe Bros. performed today. I told them I would email the article we intend to send to our local paper (The Breckinridge County Herald News) and our neighboring county (Meade County Messenger). Attached is the article and photos we are sending to those papers.

The band was fabulous and incredibly talented. We all loved the show.

The Wulfe Bros. Entertain and Educate the HES Students

The HES Family Resource Center recently brought The Wulfe Bros. ( to HES to entertain and educate the students about Kentucky. The band is based in Louisville Kentucky but travels across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and beyond. Their show at HES was called “Kentucky’s The Place”. Kentucky's rich heritage shined through in their presentation featuring music created by Kentucky’s citizens and songs about her bountiful assets. Students heard tales about working in the coal mines. Students could close their eyes and watch a young colt learning to stand on wobbling legs in a field of Kentucky bluegrass. Students learned what it means to be a Kentuckian through song and verse. The “Kentucky's The Place” show featured the Commonwealth's number one resource--her proud people. Music from "Kentucky's The Place" included: Kentucky's The Place, Daniel Boone, Muhammad Ali, My Old Kentucky Home, Paradise, Big Bad John, Workin’ In A Coal Mine, Why Not Me, Run For The Roses and more! Not only did the students enjoy the wonderfully talented band and their superb harmony but learned a lot about the history, stories, and people of Kentucky.

The Wulfe Brothers (Paul, Jeff, and Rodney) perform for the HES students and staff. The HES students and staff join in the fun of learning about Kentucky through song and dance.

Marcus Duke
Hardinsburg Elementary School
Resource Teacher/EBD Class
Public Relations Committee Chair

Subject: TOPS
From: Mary E. Westfall
Date: Thu 6/13/2013 11:00 AM

I just wanted to let the Wulfe Brothers know how much I enjoyed their music at the TOPS Convention on Friday Night June 7,2013 in Bowling Green ,Kentucky.

Thank You,
Mary E. Westfall
TOPS #Ky 59 Flatwoods.

Subject: Monticello School Program April 24, 2013
From: Sue Breeding
Date: Thu 4/25/2013 12:16 PM

I wanted to convey a message to the Wulfe Bros.  They were at Monticello Independent School yesterday.  I was out with my husband who had a minor medical procedure.  I am so sorry I could not tell the Wulfe Bros. how much our students have loved their programs through the years.  Unfortunately, our school is merging with Wayne Country schools after this year, so there will be no more programs for us.  I am so glad they were able to come one more time yesterday!  Best wishes to Paul, Rodney, and Jeffrey!

Sue Breeding  (My whole family sends their best wishes!)
Social Studies Teacher and Cultural Arts Committee Member
Monticello Independent School

Subject: WAKY Reunion Saturday June 23, 2012
From: Bill Woods
Date: Mon 6/25/2012 1:55 PM

Thanks for a great show and thanks to Bob Tribble for sitting in on bass guitar.

Bill Woods

Subject: Awesome Show
From: Jess Hamm
Date: Tue 3/20/2012 10:12 PM

Dear Paul, Jeffery and Rodney:

I'm glad that I got to see ya'll at the fundraiser for Pekin, IN Eastern High School Pekin, IN  I bought  3 of your tapes.   You all are so cool Ya'll are the best. 

Your #1 fan,
 Jess Hamm

Subject: Borden Elementary School
From: Jessica Sneed
Date: Fri 2/17/2012 3:32 PM

Hello, I'm from Borden Elementary School and you just played at our school today. I'm in the 6th grade and I have gone here since pre-school so this is the second time I've saw you. You should come back next year but the problem is I won't be able to see you because Ii will be in junior high. Thank you for coming and I thought you guy were funny and I do thank you for coming to our school.

Subject: Longbranch Elementary
From: Claire Gregory
Date: Fri 9/30/2011 9:30 PM

Hey! You went to Longbranch Elementary last year on 80's day and you rocked! You came this year and you were awesome!

Thanks! come next year!

Subject: Kiwanis Convention
From: William Vessels
Date: Tue 8/16/2011 4:41 PM

Dear Paul, Jeffery and Rodney:

As usual, you guys gave a great performance for the Kiwanis convention.

Again, I heard nothing but praises.  Even those folks that never smile, were smiling.

Betty and I will probably be seeing you at one of your other shows.  In the meantime,
take care.

Wishing you the best today,
Bill Vessels

Subject: Kasari Party
From: Brenda & Bill
Date: Fri 7/1/2011 10:44 AM

Thanks to Bonnie & Jim Kasari and The Wulfe Bros. for one great party. The food, the music and the friendship were the best. What a good way to bring on the 4th, we loved it all.

Brenda & Bill

Subject: Edmonton, KY
From: Amber Cureington
Date: Thu 6/30/2011 4:36 PM

I'm glad that I got to see ya'll at the Barnlot Theater in Edmonton, KY yesterday.  I was so excited that I actually got to meet you in person.  Ya'll are the best. 

Your #1 fan,
Amber Cureington