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About Us
The Wulfe Bros. are high-energy, professional entertainers with many years of experience. This band is comprised of three musicians, each with distinctive vocal talents capable of singing lead or harmony. Their instrumental ability allows them to adapt to their surroundings with a full, complete sound.

The Wulfe Bros. are a diverse combination of music, fun and excitement. Their ability to deliver the right style of entertainment at just the right moment, sets them apart from "just another band." Every audience deserves one thing--the very best that an entertainer has to give. The Wulfe Bros. give nothing less.

They are the BEST ENTERTAINMENT no matter what the event.

Jeff, Paul and Rodney


It all started in 1969 when Paul Cunningham started The Wulfe Bros. band. Today the group features Jeff Jarboe on drums, Rod Wurtele on Keyboards and Paul on bass guitar and the only remaining original member.   When The Wulfe Bros. were formed, Paul was playing with Company Front and had also been a member of the Rugbys.  Many groups of that era were leaning heavily on the British Invasion sound.  Paul and other fellow musicians wanted to go in a different direction and look for a different sound. 
Searching for a new sound also required a new name.    Pat Burnfin, a friend who was managing a local band called The Nite Owls, suggested the “brothers” idea.  No other brother bands existed in the market at that point, so The Wulfe Bros. were born. 
Although the names and faces have changed through the years and the types of music they play has evolved, the name has served them well.  Members past and present have formed a bond that is nothing short of a true family connection.
While The Wulfe Bros. live in Louisville, KY, the early years found them on the road much of the time.  A Lexington, KY booking agency served as a home base for them and they traveled extensively in Kentucky and the Midwest, also in Alaska, the Caribbean, Florida and New York. They have had the privilege of sharing the stage with Three Dog Night, The Spinners, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, to name a few.
As members changed and music evolved, the band has had as many as five members and today’s Wulfe Bros. is a  three piece group.  The one factor that has never changed has been the vocal strength of this group.  In adding or changing members, that has been the #1 criteria.  Each “Wulfe Brother” has had the ability to not only sing lead, but also the talent to sing true harmony not just background.  With today’s technology and computer tricks available, The Wulfe Bros. take great pride in their ability to step up to the microphone and sing an a cappella version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” that does not leave a dry eye in the house.
The Wulfe Bros. are Kentuckiana's longest running full-time band. The members of The Wulfe Bros. are all full-time musicians.  The band has managed to not only survive, but thrive.  As the music environment has evolved, this band has evolved to include a “day job” of performing musical educational programs in schools.  It all began with the seed of an idea in 1992 with a patriotic program and has grown today into six different musical history lessons.
Their professionalism is exemplified in all areas of the business. For example, when performing at the Kentucky State Fair, they are equally comfortable performing outside in a sponsor's tent or inside on a stage for audiences of all ages. Because their fan base is so extensive and encompasses all ages, they are hired back to many events time and time again. When the Wulfe Bros. are booked with other bands, it is easy to see why they headline the show!

After making great music for all these years, The Wulfe Bros. have fans that first heard them at their High School Prom or a wedding reception of a friend or at a state fair or community festival.  The exciting news is that today they have a whole new generation of listeners who are becoming fans who think they are hearing this incredible music for the first time!
What does the future hold for The Wulfe Bros.?  Paul, Jeff and Rod see no end in sight!   


Meet The Wulfe Bros.

Founding Member 1969

As the leader of the pack, it is Paul's job to serve as Master of Ceremonies. He is not only the group's spokesman but has an incredible ability to read the audience and create the perfect pace for your event. As the frontman, Paul sets the stage and creates the timing for your customized performance. He plays bass guitar, sings lead and background harmonies. The Wulfe Bros. pride themselves in doing what few other groups can do...they make music the old fashioned way, LIVE.


Member since 1980

As the drummer and percussionist for The Wulfe Bros., Jeff keeps them on track with perfect rhythm. He is not only one of the area's premier drummers, he is a singing drummer! He sings lead and background harmonies for the group. Jeff's youthful personality makes him an audience favorite.

Member since 1990

Rodney is an innovative keyboardist and composer. His natural musical ability is unparalleled and along with that, he also sings lead and background harmonies with The Wulfe Bros. Rodney's humor and comedic timing make him a show all by himself. Rodney is beloved by kids and adults.


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